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If you're looking for a professional, detailed, hard-working home inspector, you're talking to the right guy. I have years of experience, long-term clients, and have performed thousands of inspections in Nebraska, South Dakota, North Dakota, and Iowa.


Just as no two houses are the same, no two inspections are alike. While I haven't seen it all yet, I've seen a tremendous range of structures and inspection types. It's given me the experience to provide professional, quality service unlike any other inspector in northeast Nebraska.

My residential inspections provide a buyer with a lot of information, but the reports don't have all of the answers. Sometimes they bring up more questions--questions that a homeowner should ask before purchasing a home, questions that might not have been asked otherwise, and questions which lead to a better understanding of a home's condition.

My commercial and insurance inspections are performed to the exact standards of each ordering company. I strive to meet time service requirements, whether for appointments or due dates. All while conducting myself in a professional manner above and beyond what is available elsewhere.


Over 10,000
inspections completed
throughout Nebraska, Iowa, Minnesota, Montana,
South Dakota & North Dakota



Inspecting is a big part of my life, but all work and no play make for a very boring (and bored) inspector. Who would want to make small talk with a one-dimensional guy?

My house, which was built in 1910, keeps me busy with renovation projects. Some of them even get finished in a timely fashion, but most house-jobs get worked in around family, inspections, and a few working on a Ford F-150 and Volkswagen Routan while attempting to cook a rack of ribs so perfectly that they cause world peace.

I'll take briquettes over lump charcoal, jazz over country, and a wood stove over a furnace any day. I use my blinker when I turn, and I try to avoid being one of those pickup owners who parks over four spaces at the hardware store. And I'll take polite over politically correct every time.

At the end of the day--every day--I am thankful for my work, as my work allows me to spend a tremendous amount of time with my wife and two children. The time we have spent together will be something we can look back on with gratitude rather than regret--time is the one thing you can never get back, so live, love, and spend accordingly!

Multi-state coverage
(not just limited to Nebraska)


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