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Are you a homebuyer who just purchased a home, a bank who needs photos and notes to keep a loan process moving along, or an insurance company who needs a set of eyes in the field to keep policies up to date? I haven't seen it all (although I have seen a gold-plated toilet), but I have the experience to see that your needs are satisfied.

Believe it or not, Nebraska isn't just a bunch of high-rise buildings! Sometimes car dealerships, restaurants, and office buildings needs to change hands or create a maintenance plan. I can help with that.

And don't let the word "insurance" stop your imagination. Loan, maintenance, ​residential land development--you name it, and I can use my experience to point a camera at it to help meet your inspection needs.

"Without a good roof, you don't have much." It's true. But a good roof without a good foundation won't be good long, nor will the rest of the structure.


I've seen the good and the bad, and many things in between. The only thing I haven't seen yet is a perfect property. Let me put my experience to work for you!

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