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Homes aren't the only imperfect structures out there. Even the best-built commercial building will probably see a level of use that borders on abuse. Restaurants, office buildings, car dealerships--in terms of hours occupied and the number of occupants, these buildings get used more than most houses ever will.

I inspected eleven Applebee's restaurant locations around the state of Nebraska when they were purchased  by a new owner. I inspected many Famous Footwear stores so that they could know their maintenance needs. I inspected a car dealership in Norfolk, NE when it was under construction so that the lending bank could know that things were on schedule.

I also work with many national companies to perform a variety of inspections: JMI Reports, Millennium Information Services, A2Z Field Services, Harrison Engineering, RPI Surveys, RAL Inspections Services, Sandcastle Field Services, and Construction Inspection Specialists. My camera has seen many different angles on all sorts of businesses--put it to work for you today!

For a Commercial Inspection Quote or for questions call

(402) 679-3341

Bob Willard, Field Operations Manager, JMI Reports

In this industry, it is hard to find good, reliable people. With Tom, if he says he is going to do something, he will do it. He is great at communicating with me and being proactive when there are issues. I never have to wonder if the work will get done with him. He is a valuable asset to our field team.

Doyle H., Norfolk

 I have moved a grand total of 10 moves in the past 15 years. With this many moves, I have worked with several home inspectors and I can honestly say I have never seen a more thorough home inspection in my life.

Greg and Kelly P., Neligh

Tom went above and beyond our expectations. His report came back to us quickly and included pictures with detailed descriptions of things that would need tended to. He not only pointed out the negatives of our house, but did a great job at pointing out all the positives as well.


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